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Trucking Faced with ‘Weighty’ Issues

Truck net weights are coming under assault. And the threat comes not from an economic competitor, but from state and federal regulators. In this two-part blog series, we look at the efforts to regulate electric trucks, and the impending federal rulemaking on side underride guards, both from the weight standpoint. Learn more in this PrePass blog.

The Split Sleeper Berth Rule for Truckers Explained

Replacing paper logbooks with electronic logging devices likely made truck drivers’ compliance with federal hours of service rules easier. However, one part of the HOS regulations that causes truckers some problems remains. The so-called “split sleeper berth” rule. Read how the split sleeper berth rule can benefit both drivers and truck fleets.

Preparing for the Arrival of Electronic Truck Inspections

Federal trucking regulators and commercial vehicle enforcement agencies are pushing for enhanced pre-trip and wireless roadside inspections. Next-gen compliance requirements may include a mandate that carriers equip their trucks with devices to transmit the identity and condition of trucks and drivers to roadside enforcement. Watch this PrePass webinar, hosted by Transport Topics, to learn how new inspection technologies may affect your operation, what information FMCSA may require you to transmit to inspectors, and what it means for the development of autonomous trucks. View webinar.

Get Ready for Truck Safety Enforcement Events in 2023

The most significant truck safety compliance and enforcement initiatives of the year are coming up this spring and summer. All are organized by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, a nonprofit organization comprised of commercial motor vehicle safety officials and industry representatives. These events include the three-day International Roadcheck, Operation Safe Driver Week and Brake Safety Week. Read more so you can prepare for increased enforcement.

The Most Important Part of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems on Trucks

There is a lot of talk about ADAS – Advanced Driver Assistance Systems – especially in FMCSA rulemakings and truck manufacturer literature. Highlights include automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control systems, lane-keeping assist, and camera-based mirror systems. ADAS can reduce human error and make highways safer. But for these technologies to achieve those goals, motor carriers should stay focused on the most important words in ADAS – driver assistance. Learn why this is so important.

New Solutions to the Truck Parking Problem

For many years truck drivers rightfully complained about a lack of available safe truck parking, especially at night. In fact, while some say the situation is getting worse, solutions to the truck parking issue are getting traction. Listen to this latest episode of the “Eyes on the Road” podcast as we discuss these new efforts with David Heller, Sr. VP of Safety and Government Affairs at the Truckload Carriers Association. Listen now to “Eyes on the Road.”

Nominations Now Open for International Driver Excellence Award

Know an exceptional commercial truck or motorcoach driver that deserves recognition? Nominate them for the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance International Driver Excellence Award (IDEA), sponsored by PrePass Safety Alliance. This annual award recognizes individuals who go above and beyond in the performance of their duties as commercial vehicle drivers. IDEA drivers distinguish themselves through long-term achievement in safe operation and compliance, carried out with evident distinction. Submit your nomination today.

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