Today more than 50 toll authorities operate in the United States, and the amount of tolls they collect is growing at a very fast rate. In the past decade, consumer prices have increased more than 20%, but toll costs rose by an even greater margin, more than 70%!

During this same time, many toll facilities converted from toll booths to automatic electronic tolling, using RFID transponders or license plate readers to identify customers. However, the increasing use of cameras to capture license plates means an incorrectly read license plate or other error can also happen. These errors can quickly add up to big bucks for truckers in the form of additional charges, fees, and interest.

Recently, PrePass offered some advice about what truckers can do to make sure tolling agencies charge them the correct amount when using toll facilities equipped with automatic electronic tolling technology.

Watch this video as Bob Trent of PrePass spoke with Heavy Duty Trucking magazine in an episode of “HDT Leadership Insights” about potential pitfalls in automatic electronic tolling and how motor carriers can avoid problems.

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