No matter if your trucking operation has just one truck, thousands of trucks, or is somewhere in between, having a lackluster or poor Department of Transportation (DOT) safety rating invites a world of problems. How?

For starters, your DOT safety rating determines whether you are authorized to operate in interstate or intrastate commerce. It can also have significant influence on your customer relationships and negatively affect your insurance premiums, just to name a few. A poor safety rating can also affect whether you’re eligible to participate in weigh station bypass service, such as PrePass. In other words, if you let your safety rating slip or fail to improve a poor rating, it can be more expensive and increasingly difficult for your trucking operation to function.

Read this story from Trucksafe Consulting about how you can protect your DOT safety rating. You will learn: what is a DOT safety rating; how to check your DOT safety rating; how the FMCSA determines your safety rating; what happens if you receive a less-than-satisfactory safety rating; and how to improve your safety rating.

Your DOT safety rating is a critical company asset that must be protected at all costs, according to Trucksafe Consulting. “Failing to do so can result in increased insurance costs, lost business, and even a company-wide out-of-service order.”

Read “Protecting Your DOT Safety Rating” on the Trucksafe Consulting website.


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