Three carriers. Three different safety challenges. One solution: INFORM Safety.

INFORM Safety is easy-to-use data visualization software, available to PrePass customers at no extra charge. INFORM Safety takes the very same data that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) uses to evaluate motor carrier safety and displays it in graphics and visual images, guiding the user to the underlying root causes of safety problems — all without the tedious downloading and sorting of federal files.

Does INFORM Safety work out there in the real world? Join us as we look at three cases of motor carriers using INFORM Safety to address safety issues. The facts are true; only the carrier names have been changed.

Case #1 Beneficial Cartage was not a PrePass customer and did not qualify for participation in a bypass program due to a high Inspection Selection System (ISS) score. Making heads or tails of the federal Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS) files was too daunting, so Beneficial turned to PrePass for help. PrePass used INFORM Safety to uncover three “root causes” that were elevating the Beneficial Cartage ISS score and outlined the steps Beneficial needed to take to improve. Beneficial Cartage has hard work ahead to qualify for weigh station bypassing, but thanks to INFORM Safety, Beneficial now knows how to get there.

Read the Beneficial Cartage story to learn how INFORM Safety brought clarity to federal data and pointed the way to a safer future.

Case #2: Sharptown Trucking is a PrePass customer but saw its bypass qualification in jeopardy due to wide swings in its Hours of Service (HOS) score. Sharptown carefully planned routes that drivers could safely travel within legal HOS limits, so why the HOS violations? And why the wide swings month-to-month? INFORM Safety trend lines showed that another safety issue was peaking at the same time as the HOS violations. Meanwhile, the ability to easily export INFORM Safety charts and graphs in common computer formats allowed Sharptown Trucking to compare safety data to internal company records and identify that its drivers were already behind schedule at time of dispatch. Sharptown took corrective action against identified management personnel and remains a safe, legal PrePass customer.

Read the Sharptown Trucking story to learn how INFORM Safety can reveal hidden issues which threaten a carrier’s safety record.

Case #3: Donamy Transportation is everything a motor carrier should be – safe, successful, reputable, a place drivers want to work. So, of what use is INFORM Safety to a carrier like Donamy? The Donamy safety director would beg to differ! She uses INFORM Safety to prepare visuals for driver meetings, without the need to verbally preach to them about safety; to display safety trends to management, without all the government acronyms and jargon; and to introduce new drivers to the benefits of weigh station bypass, by utilizing the Google Earth photo function built into INFORM Safety.

Read the Donamy Transportation story and learn how INFORM Safety can help even the best of carriers continuously improve.

Just three real-world stories from carriers using INFORM Safety. Why not add your own?


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