Many motor carriers delay development of crash preventability determination programs out of fear of potential liability or the lack of bandwidth to manage them. But with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration establishing an official program of its own, many carriers are giving it a second thought.

Watch this PrePass webinar, “The Benefits of Truck Crash Preventability Programs.” Learn how to establish a program for your fleet and get details on the FMCSA’s crash preventability determination program.

Two co-directors from Scopelitis Transportation Consulting, P. Sean Garney and Steve Keppler discuss:

  • Details about FMCSA’s crash preventability program, including which crashes are eligible and what documents you’ll need
  • Internal crash preventability determination programs
  • The carrier and driver benefits and drawbacks of using these programs
  • Carrier best practices for crash preventability determination programs
  • Where to find resources that can help, and more

Both Garney and Keppler have nearly 50 years combined experience in the trucking and transportation fields.

During this presentation they explain how carrier-based crash preventability programs can serve as a basis for thorough crash investigations. In their look at the FMCSA program, they explore the benefits to participating motor carriers.

Watch this webinar now so you can learn how these programs work and  be on your way to seeing fewer crashes in your fleet and better safety scores.