Talk in the trucking industry about fully autonomous trucks has been going on for several years. But are we really any closer to truly seeing trucks without drivers and why is it taking so long for autonomous trucks to become a reality?

Watch this PrePass and Fleet Owner webinar, “The Path Toward Fully Autonomous Trucks” to get a real-world perspective about the future of autonomous trucks.

Veteran trucking journalist Jack Roberts shares insight from more than 20 years of reporting on trucks and their technology. Also, Mark Doughty, CEO of PrePass Safety Alliance, offers expertise from more than 20 years in the trucking industry and as a board member of ITS America.

The two discuss the steady evolution of autonomous truck development, how soon you should expect to deploy autonomous technology in your fleet operations, and the future role of drivers.

“There will always have to be human involvement,” said Doughty. “For example, say there is a hard stop on the road. The autonomous vehicle brakes safely, but cargo shifts in the trailer or an axle pops off a hinge. A driver needs to be there to adjust and ensure safe travel for the rest of the trip.” Also, according to Roberts, certain trucks will require a driver being present, such as hazmat vehicles and those for construction.

In this webinar you will also learn:

  • How development of autonomous truck technology is more complex than expected
  • About autonomous truck technology that is available now, or on the horizon, that will improve driver safety
  • How long before we start seeing widespread use of fully autonomous trucks and in which trucking applications
  • What autonomous trucks will cost and how fleets could see savings with their use

Watch this webinar now, because autonomous trucking is going to happen, whether it’s with your company or your competitor.