No matter if you’re an owner operator, truck driver or a fleet manager, few things are more frustrating than finding out something you rely on for delivering freight isn’t working properly.

That was the case for Indiana-based Bestway Express when it signed up for a weigh station bypass service with another provider in 2015. After being a PrePass customer for 20 years, Bestway went with a less expensive alternative, according to Kent Bouchie, the company’s vice president of revenue. However, that decision turned out to be a disaster. As he described, it was akin “to buying a movie ticket and the theater’s closed.”

Bestway runs about 250 company-owned trucks. After switching providers, its drivers were only bypassing weigh stations about 80% of the time. That was a substantial decrease compared with PrePass, which led to another problem – driver complaints, and lots of them.

“That doesn’t do me any good in our business, because when you tell a driver you have a product and it only works 80% of the time, they feel as if you’re lying to them,” he said. “Strike against management, and you can’t do that.”

Fast forward from 2015 to 2019 and Bestway returned to PrePass and is a customer to this day. As Bouchie said, the reason he trusts PrePass is because the service “is pretty fail safe” and works “near 100% of the time.”

Find out why Bestway had big problems with another weigh station bypass provider and is now getting bypasses nearly 100% of the time with PrePass.

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