Increasing tensions in the Middle East have led to the average U.S. cost of diesel posting one its biggest weekly hikes in the past several years.

Figures released by the Energy Department show an increase of 9.4 cents from the week before to $3.081 per gallon for the week ending Sept.23. This is the fourth largest weekly jump since the beginning of 2012. All regions of the country saw an increase in prices, with the Midwest seeing the largest, an 11 cents increase, followed by the Lower Atlantic and Gulf Coast regions, each with a 9.7 cents increase.

While the average U.S. cost of diesel this week is 19 cents lower than it was the same time a year ago, there are increasing concerns this recent spike is putting a strain on trucking company profitability. Fortunately, PrePass can help you save money no matter how much diesel fuel prices may spike.

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