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PrePass Plus

What it is

HELP implemented this highly valued service more than a decade ago at the request of PrePass customers. PrePass Plus utilizes a single transponder that combines weigh station bypassing and electronic toll payment services under one account with consolidated invoices for both tolls and bypass services.  PrePass is the only service offering this friendly, one-stop-shop experience.

All toll reconciliation and dispute resolution is handled quickly and efficiently by PrePass customer service.

How it Works

PrePass Plus keeps trucks moving by electronically paying tolls at hundreds of locations nationwide. Paying tolls becomes less of a hassle with one transponder from one service providing consolidated invoices.

Gated Tolling

When the PrePass Plus enrolled truck slowly passes through the toll lane, the PrePass Plus transponder is read instantly and the proper toll amount is billed to the carrier’s PrePass Plus account.


Some locations have gates that will go up when a valid transponder is read.


Some locations have a video enforcement system in place to better identify violators or to help identify the vehicle in those rare instances when a transponder is not working properly. Additionally, in Kansas, a driver must also be prepared to give the toll attendant the Kansas Tolling Authority number located on the front of the transponder if the paid toll is not recognized and the gate does not go up.


The signal to proceed is displayed to the driver just beyond the toll booth.

Note: The transponder may not light up or provide an audible signal at toll facilities.

Open-Road Tolling

Electronic scanners read and register the transponder in a PrePass Plus enrolled truck as it passes through the open road toll plaza at normal highway speeds.


The appropriate toll is billed to the carrier’s PrePass Plus account.


In some states, overhead cameras will also read and record the license plates of trucks without transponders or those with non-working transponders. If a customer receives a violation in error, our PrePass Service Center will work with them to resolve the dispute.


The truck continues down the highway at normal speeds.

Note: The transponder may not light up or give any signal when scanned.

Toll Service Coverage Map

We are increasing our nationwide coverage and helping to make PrePass Plus a valuable solution for more carriers than ever before. By focusing on building strong relationships with our partners, we continue to grow and work towards providing our customers with services in all places where their trucks travel.

PrePass Plus Benefits

In addition to all of the benefits of PrePass, PrePass Plus offers:

  • Reduced delays at toll booths
  • Transponders provided at no charge
  • Discounted electronic toll fees vs. cash fees
  • Volume discounts without setting up multiple companion accounts
  • Hassle-free toll management – we work on our customers’ behalf to reconcile disputed tolls
  • A consolidated billing statement with centralized customer service and account management
  • Eliminate the need for drivers to carry cash or retain toll receipts

Tolls Only

What it is

For fleets or vehicles that do not need or may not qualify for bypass, PrePass Tolls Only allows carriers to take advantage of our electronic toll payment services at hundreds of locations nationwide. Tolls Only lets fleets pay tolls, handle violations and toll disputes and then receive one consolidated bill – all with one transponder from one service provider.