The most utilized truck weigh station bypass platform with more than 620,000 trucks enrolled, PrePass, has expanded with two significant firsts, saving drivers and fleets more time and money than ever before.

A new agreement with the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure allows PrePass users to bypass weigh stations in British Columbia, adding 11 locations to PrePass bypass sites. This is PrePass’ first service offering in Canada.

PrePass users who want to bypass at Weigh2GoBC locations only need to visit the Weigh2GoBC website to register for the BCeID (British Columbia electronic ID), and enroll their truck(s) with the PrePass transponder for the Weigh2GoBC service.

No additional fees are required to enroll PrePass transponders to enroll PrePass transponders in the Weigh2GoBC program. However, service at Weigh2GoBC sites is available through transponder-based bypassing only and is not compatible with cellular bypass services.

The agreement also allows Canadian-based trucks and fleets that are using Weigh2GoBC to fully use PrePass bypassing in the United States, subject to individual states’ PrePass bypass criteria. These same trucks and fleets can also use PrePass’ electronic toll payment services within the program’s area of operation.

Based on the carrier’s safety score, credentials and truck weight, drivers receive on their transponder either a green light to continue driving or a red light indicating they must report to the weigh station for a possible inspection or weighing on a static scale.

Previously, PrePass drivers and fleets operating in British Columbia obtained a Weigh2GoBC transponder from the British Columbia government, meaning some drivers had to carry two transponders. The new agreement means drivers can carry just one transponder — PrePass or Weigh2GoBC — because the systems are now fully interoperable.

Mobile Driver Alerts Introduced for Truck Brake Check/Chain-up Sites, Runaway Truck Ramps

Back in the U.S., PrePass has rolled-out new truck driver safety alerts for mountainous areas along Interstate 70 in Colorado.

PrePass ALERTS are a feature of the MOTION weigh station bypass mobile application. The alerts notify truck drivers of steep grades ahead from a distance of approximately five miles away, and also notify them as they approach any of five runaway truck ramps along the route. Drivers will also receive alerts for seven sites along I-70 where they can perform brake checks and/or during winter, complete truck tire chain-ups or removals.

The PrePass alerts are part of a broader truck safety campaign in Colorado reminding truck drivers about the dangers of steep mountain grades and the steps they need to take to safely navigate these stretches of highway.

PrePass ALERTS provide other driver safety alerts across the country, including high wind locations, steep grades, traffic work zones and no commercial vehicle access roads.

In the near future, PrePass plans to expand the Colorado-type alerts to other states with similar terrain. ALERTS is available as part of the MOTION weigh station bypass app on both Android and iOS powered smart phones, tablets and selected in-cab telematics devices.