There are different technology options for truck weigh station bypassing – transponders and mobile apps. But how do you determine which is best for your trucking operation? The answer to this and other questions is available and it takes less than half an hour to find out!

Watch the free PrePass webinar, “Comparing Weigh Station Bypass Technologies.”  You’ll learn about the key findings in a recent Texas A&M Transportation Institute study. This first of its kind research compared the performance of bypass apps and transponders using real world testing.

In this 25-minute presentation, you’ll also discover the differences between weigh station bypassing technologies, including how they work and how they perform. Plus, there are details on the benefits and limitations of each technology and how to make a return-on-investment calculation.

Former Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Deputy Administrator Warren Hoemann also details how fleets can use both weigh station bypassing technologies in order to get the best coverage and reliability. Hoemann has been involved in the trucking industry for more than 40 years, including spending many years with both the American Trucking Associations and the California Trucking Association.

Hundreds of people turned out earlier for this live webinar presentation. In less than half an hour they walked away with information that will help them save time and money, while also helping them to ensure more of their freight pick-ups and deliveries are made on time, thanks to more efficient weigh station bypassing.

With such powerful information that can affect your trucking operation’s bottom line, spending time watching this recorded webinar may easily prove to be the most rewarding 25 minutes you’ve spent in a while. Watch now.

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