In a three-day span during early June, this year’s International Roadcheck inspected 67,502 large trucks and buses in the U.S. and Canada. The annual large-scale enforcement event saw 21.6% of commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) placed out of service after receiving a Level I inspection. In addition, 3.9% of drivers, whose status was checked during Level I, II and III inspections, were placed out of service.

The high-visibility enforcement effort is coordinated by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) and each year focuses on one category of violations. In 2018, that area was hours-of-service (HOS) compliance, following the April deadline for full compliance with the federal electronic logging device (ELD) mandate.

Among drivers placed out of service during Roadcheck, 43.7% had HOS violations. However, CVSA noted that when compared to the total number of inspections, less than 2% of drivers were placed out of service because of HOS violations.

Comparing annual numbers can be misleading, CVSA said. Last year, 23% of commercial motor vehicles failed the inspections during Roadcheck. This year’s lower rate may simply reflect which CMVs were inspected, rather than indicate an overall improvement in industry safety, according to the group.

Topping the out-of-service vehicle violations were brake systems (28.4%), tires and wheels (19.1%) and brakes out of adjustment (16.3%). Among driver out-of-service violations, the 43.7% cited for HOS violations was followed by wrong class license (21.4%) and false record of duty status (10.1%).

A vehicle out-of-service violation means that the mechanical defect must be corrected before the vehicle can again be operated. For drivers, an out-of-service violation means the driver cannot continue until the violation condition is corrected.

Commercial motor vehicle inspectors conduct various levels of inspections, following CVSA’s North American Standards (NAS). Of all the vehicles inspected in this year’s Roadcheck, 45,400 received the comprehensive, 37-step NAS Level I Inspection. Another 11,458 received the NAS Level II Walk-Around Inspection, while 10,644 were NAS Level III Driver-Only Inspections.

In addition to large trucks, 736 motor coaches were inspected during Roadcheck. Out of the total number of inspections performed this year, 60,321 were in the United States and 7,181 happened in Canada.