What all goes into making up a trucking company safety scores was just one of many topics discussed earlier this week when PrePass consultant and former FMCSA Deputy Administrator Warren Hoemann was a guest on SiriusXM’s Satellite Radio’s Road Dog Trucking channel.

During the 45-minute visit with K.C. Phillips, the host of Road Dog Live, Hoemann and Phillips also talked about how you can challenge inspection results, and the different components that make up the FMCSA’s truck safety program known as Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA).

They also discussed a demonstration program started 10 months ago by the FMCSA that allows trucking fleets and drivers to remove from their records so-called non-preventable crashes, such as when another vehicle runs into the back of a tractor trailer. Listen as they talk with a caller about about the Crash Preventability Demonstration Program.


You can get more information about how to challenge inspection results from a recent PrePass white paper, entitled, “Yes, You Can Challenge Inspection Results. Here’s How” It’s available from the PrePass Resource Library. There’s also more information about this from the latest Eyes on the Road podcast, presented by PrePass. Just go to Soundcloud and click on the episode entitled “It’s Not My Fault! Part 1”, available now, as well as “It’s Not My Fault! Part 2”.