We just launched an advanced new business intelligence tool designed to enhance the way you look at and use safety data.

InfoRM™ (Information & Reports Manager) provides you with granular details about truck inspections and safety information to quickly identify areas in need of improvement and take action. InfoRM compiles Inspection Selection System (ISS) score factors from the most current, accurate data sets and generates a company snapshot. The data system is an added benefit to PrePass weigh station bypass customers at no additional cost.

Designed for use on PCs and tablets, InfoRM provides an unprecedented level of data about roadside inspections to determine where, when and why ISS safety scores might fluctuate. InfoRM’s data includes CVIEW/SAFER carrier records maintained by the FMCSA, but also information provided by more than 100 different government sources.

“Fleets need a simple way to measure their performance and improve weigh state bypass rates,” said Karen Rasmussen, President and Chief Executive Officer of HELP. “InfoRM’s data dashboards also enable fleets to create awareness across the organization, facilitating improvements in areas including vehicle maintenance, driver behavior, uptime and safety.”

While safety data has always been available to PrePass customers, this is the first time the data has been aggregated as an interactive application to give carriers the level of detail they need to make essential safety and operational decisions for their fleets.

InfoRM’s company snapshot features: An interactive map of truck inspection and violations filtered by state, city, and highway; filters to search by VIN number, site, violation type and other parameters to identify trends; and historical views of inspections and violations, with the ability to export data for reporting purposes.

InfoRM is an added benefit for PrePass customers. To access the InfoRM system, contact PrePass at (800) 773-7277 to set up an InfoRM account.