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How does PrePass work?

PrePass is the nation’s largest pre-clearance system allowing qualified, safe trucks to bypass weigh stations. Once qualified and enrolled, and easy to install PrePass transponder will alert the truck driver if they are cleared to bypass the weigh station, allowing the driver to keep moving and focus on safe driving.

PrePass in 30 seconds

Keep trucks on the move with the PrePass Services.

Data Security and Customer Confidentiality with PrePass

At PrePass, customer confidentiality and information security is our top priority. PrePass checks up to 90 different government databases to ensure you are a safe carrier and all your credentials are current, but we do not share your private data with any entity. And if your transponder is lost or stolen, you can contact our Service Center at 1-800-PrePass.

Truck Drivers Save Time on the Road with PrePass

PrePass offers qualified, safe carriers an easy to install transponder that will allow you to bypass many weigh stations. PrePass reduces operating and fuel costs.