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What it is

PrePass lets qualified motor carriers comply with safety, weight and credential requirements while traveling at highway speeds, eliminating the need to stop at designated weigh stations and ports-of-entry saving them time, fuel and money.

PrePass also helps make the roadways safer for everyone by reducing congestion around inspection facilities and enabling state inspection and law enforcement teams to focus their efforts on carriers and trucks that demand more attention.

How it Works

PrePass states have placed signs on the highway alerting vehicles that they are approaching a PrePass-equipped weigh station. As with all weigh stations, trucks are required to be in the right hand lane(s). At some locations, there will be two lanes available for bypass, but trucks must remain prepared to stop in the event that they don’t get a green light.


About a mile before a PrePass-equipped weigh station, a PrePass truck is identified through communication between the in-cab transponder and the Advanced Vehicle Identification (AVI) reader.


The PrePass system automatically checks the truck’s safety and credential clearance status. The system also checks the truck’s weight to ensure that it is compliant with the jurisdiction’s regulations.


Based on a truck’s clearance status, the PrePass system sends a signal to the truck’s transponder, which notifies the driver of the screening result both visually and audibly. A green light indicates a bypass and a red light indicates that the driver must pull into the weigh station.


To help maintain system integrity, some PrePass trucks are randomly selected and receive a red light, requiring them to pull into the weigh station where a carrier’s compliance can be confirmed.


A roadside bypass compliance reader identifies when any non-compliant truck fails to pull into the weigh station.


A truck’s bypass screening signal will continue to flash for approximately 15 minutes after passing the weigh station. This valuable feature provides confirmation of the vehicle’s bypass status for both the driver and enforcement.

PrePass accurately identifies 99.99% of participating trucks and generates the bypass decision in 1 second..

Service Map

Coast to Coast Coverage with additional locations under development all the time.

For nearly 20 years, we’ve continually worked to increase our service areas, helping to make PrePass a valuable solution for more carriers than ever before. By focusing on building strong relationships with our member carriers and state partners, we continue to grow and work toward providing our customers with bypass services in all the places where their trucks travel.

PrePass Benefits

Drivers Love It
  • PrePass has been cited as one of the most desirable benefits for drivers. Carriers utilizing PrePass experience enhanced driver recruitment and retention success.
Data Privacy
  • Carrier’s data in the PrePass Credentialing Database is confidential. All carrier data is purged after 90 days.
Save Time
  • PrePass customers save at least 5 minutes with each successful bypass. As a result, PrePass customers have gained nearly 54 million hours of productive driver time by reducing weigh station stops.
No Initial Costs
  • No transponder or installation cost
  • No minimum usage requirement
  • No contract
Save Fuel
  • PrePass customers save nearly one half gallon of fuel per bypass. To date, PrePass customers have saved over a quarter billion gallons of fuel since we began compiling data in 1997.
Drivers Love It
  • Avoid congestion around weigh stations
  • Reduce risk from merging into and out of traffic
Save Money
  • An FMSCA report calculates a savings of at least $8.68 per bypass. PrePass carriers have saved more than $4 billion in operational costs since 1997.

PrePass Ag Service

What it is

PrePass has partnered with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) to offer PrePass Ag, a service that allows commercial carriers to bypass select agricultural interdiction facilities in Florida in the same way that they bypass PrePass weigh stations.

PrePass Ag is offered as a free add-on to a PrePass or PrePass Plus account. There is no charge to apply, but FDACS will only approve motor carriers that do not haul dedicated agricultural cargo.


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