PrePass / InfoRM

What It Is

Get quick, clear insights into the factors impacting your fleet’s safety scores with InfoRM (Information & Reports Manager), an advanced business intelligence tool for PrePass customers. With InfoRM, it’s simple to drill into inspection and violation  data with the user-friendly dashboard to see exactly what needs improvement.

InfoRM aggregates safety data into a one-stop shop of information for carriers of all sizes.

Designed for viewing on tablets and PCs, InfoRM’s data is always up-to-date and easy to export into reports and action plans for use throughout your organization.

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How It Works

If you want to find out where drivers are running into inspection problems, or even which individual trucks are routinely missing the mark on maintenance, InfoRM makes it easy. InfoRM compiles inspection scores from the most current, most accurate data sets and generates a company snapshot accessible through a user-friendly dashboard interface that features:


  • An interactive map of truck inspection and violation locations by state, city and highway
  • Historical views of inspections and violations for performance tracking
  • Ability to export data and integrate with other fleet management tools
  • Ability to add subscriptions to reports


The data can be manipulated to pinpoint—down to specific routes and weigh stations—the issues that are adversely affecting carriers’ safety scores. This allows you to find trends and facilitate improvements quickly and easily.

InfoRM Benefits

InfoRM provides the information you need to improve operations, safety and fleet efficiency.

  • Improve Inspection Selection System (ISS) scores
  • Improve maintenance and safety processes
  • Build productive relationships with law enforcement
  • Access safety data only available through HELP Inc.

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