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PrePass Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What is the cost for PrePass transponders?

We provide PrePass transponders free of charge, and installing them takes just seconds and requires no technical know-how or additional expense.

If a transponder is no longer being used or needed, it must be returned to PrePass. Make sure to insure each transponder for $100 and mail them to the PrePass Customer Service Center at the following address:

PrePass Transponder Returns
510 Parkland Drive
Sandy, UT 84070

How often will I be billed?

PrePass customers are billed monthly. PrePass Plus customers also receive a mid-month bill that reflects any applicable earned toll discounts, discount reversals, violations or device service fees.

What is the monthly invoice schedule?

Click here for the PrePass billing invoice schedule. If you have our PrePass service, you will be billed once a month. If you have our PrePass Plus service, you will also receive a mid-month bill.

Can I pay online or setup recurring payments?

You can pay by check or credit card by selecting My PrePass from the navigation bar above and logging into your account. You may also pay by phone or setup recurring payments by calling 1-800-PrePass (1-800-773-7277).
You can also simply mail a check along with your invoice payment coupon to:

PO Box 52774
Phoenix, AZ 85072-2774

Will my invoice show the times when vehicles bypass, so it may be compared to the driver logs?

The invoice only lists the dates that vehicles bypass, never the time of day. PrePass does not share any timestamp information unless that data is specifically subpoenaed within 90 days of the bypass in question. After 90 days, the data is purged from our system.

How long will it take before my PrePass transponder begins working?

Your transponder should be operational at most weigh stations within 48 hours of your paperwork being processed.

Why does the transponder need to be mounted on the windshield and not somewhere else?

The transponder placement is necessary so that the PrePass overhead readers can scan the data coded in the transponder. The specific location of the transponder (at least two inches but not more than three inches from the top center of the windshield) has been approved by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

What should I do if my transponder is not working properly?

You must always pull into the weigh station if you do not receive a signal from your transponder. Make sure that the transponder is properly mounted on the windshield. Some systems may have some slight variation in the setup of their overhead antennas, so you may need to adjust the transponder position slightly to ensure proper communication.
If you need assistance, please contact the PrePass Service Center at 1-800-PrePass (1-800-773-7277).

How long will the battery last in my transponder?

The battery in each transponder lasts an average of five years.

What should I do if I do not receive any lights on my transponder?

If you do not receive a light on your PrePass transponder, you are required to pull into the weigh station. If you think your transponder is not working correctly, please contact PrePass Customer Service at 1-800-PrePass (1-800-773-7277).

Can I use someone else’s transponder?

No, your credential information and related truck details must coincide with PrePass records or you may be subject to citations.

Please return all transponders not issued to you to:

PrePass Transponder Returns
510 Parkland Drive
Sandy, UT 84070

Can I turn my transponder off?

You may delete a truck and deactivate the transponder by selecting My PrePass from the navigation bar above and logging into your account, which will deactivate the transponder. If you need assistance, please contact the Customer Service Center at 1-800-PrePass (1-800-773-7277).

What if my transponder is lost or stolen?

Report your lost or stolen transponder by selecting My PrePass from the navigation bar above and logging into your account. If you need assistance, please contact the PrePass Service Center at 1-800-PrePass (1-800-773-7277).The center will issue a new transponder and charge your account $100 for each lost/stolen transponder.

What if I find my transponder after reporting it lost or stolen?

Reactivate your transponder by selecting My PrePass from the navigation bar above and logging into your account. If you need assistance, please contact the PrePass Service Center at 1-800-PrePass (1-800-773-7277).

Or you may return the transponder(s) to:

PrePass Transponder Returns
510 Parkland Drive
Sandy, UT 84070

Are there instances when I have to pull into a weigh station?

You must pull in any time that your transponder gives you a red light or if you are hauling one of the special load types that are listed in the PrePass Bypass Restrictions Brochure.

Is a driver’s time from one PrePass weigh station to another clocked to see if they are speeding?

PrePass encourages adherence to the speed limit and all safety laws to ensure your own safety and that of the motoring public. PrePass adheres to a strict data confidentiality policy and takes great steps to ensure that PrePass cannot be used to measure or monitor driver speeds when bypassing weigh stations.

Under what circumstances could I receive a violation?

Please see the PrePass Bypass Restrictions Brochure for each state’s bypass restrictions. If you receive a red light and bypass a weigh station, your last signal can be identified by law enforcement. Always follow your transponder signal.

How do I bypass Florida Agricultural Inspection Facilities?

You are required to complete and submit the original Florida Agricultural and Electronic Bill of Lading Pre-Clearance Program Application (Form DACS-01281, ref date 5/02). These forms are submitted to and approved by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS). You will be notified of your approval status by mail.

Please also see: What is PrePass Ag?

What should I do if I begin working for a different carrier?

If you were previously working for a company that provided PrePass transponders and you were not directly billed from PrePass, simply return your transponder(s) to the old company.

If you have your own PrePass account, you will need to submit a new application and copies of your new operating credentials so that your account can be updated. You may log into My PrePass to change your credentials.

If you need assistance, please contact the PrePass Service Center at 1-800-PrePass (1-800-773-7277).

What if I sell a truck, need to add more trucks, wish to transfer a transponder or need to order additional transponders?

Customers may perform any maintenance related to the vehicles and transponders enrolled in their account by logging onto My PrePass. If you need assistance, please contact PrePass Customer Service at 1-800-PrePass (1-800-773-7277).

Which lane should I be using as I approach a PrePass weigh station?

Always stay in the right lane for at least one mile prior to approaching weigh station systems for an accurate reading.

How will I know I am approaching a participating weigh station?

States have placed signs on the highway advising when you are approaching an Automated Vehicle Identification (AVI) or PrePass-equipped weigh station. Please see the PrePass Service Map for a complete list of PrePass sites.

What if I change my license plate?

You may log into My PrePass to update your plate information.

If you need assistance, please contact the Customer Service Center at 1-800-PrePass (1-800-773-7277).

Note: Please have your registration and transponder available when you call, as we will need information from both items to quickly assist you.

I received a notification that my account would be charged for unassigned HELP Inc. transponders. What is a HELP Inc. transponder?

A HELP Inc. transponder is the same as a PrePass transponder. It is a transponder imprinted with the PrePass logo and used by PrePass customers. These transponders are the property of Heavy Vehicle Electronic License Plate (HELP) Inc., the public-private partnership that provides all PrePass services.

How can I avoid being charged for the unassigned transponders in my account inventory?

If you return these transponders to PrePass prior to the corresponding invoice charge date, you will not be charged. Returns must be received prior to the invoice charge date to avoid additional charges.

Where and how do I return PrePass transponders?

Return all PrePass transponders to:

PrePass Transponder Returns
510 Parkland Drive
Sandy, UT 84070

Here are important tips to remember about transponder returns:

  • Customers are responsible for all transponders until PrePass has them physically in-hand.
  • PrePass requires that you use either the USPS delivery confirmation service or a traceable third party shipper such as UPS or FedEx.
  • You should keep the shipment tracking or confirmation number and the list of returned transponders with your permanent business records, since you will be required to provide this information in case of a dispute.
  • Transponders should be insured for $100 each. If they get lost in transit, your claim to the shipper will cover your expense for the lost transponder.

What should I do about transponders that I returned but are still listed on my invoice?

You will need to provide proof of delivery (see above) to receive credit if a returned transponder is not recorded as received by PrePass.

What happens if I find a transponder after it has been charged to my account as lost or stolen?

If your account is active and in good standing, charged transponders can be re-assigned or returned for credit only. The credit amount will be the same amount charged by PrePass.

How can I figure out which truck last used a transponder that is now unassigned in my account inventory?

Refer back through your previous invoices, in reverse date order, until you find when this transponder is marked as “Y” (IN USE). The truck number assigned will be listed in the “Truck ID” column.

How can I identify transponders that have been unassigned for over 30 days so that I can avoid being charged for them?

PrePass highly recommends that you set up an inventory control process, using copies of your invoices, to track transponder IDs and the dates that they are unassigned from each vehicle. Additionally, keep track of the number of and IDs for any unassigned transponders that you request for your inventory.

To help avoid fees, transponders that have been unassigned the longest should be re-assigned first. If you incur frequent charges for unassigned transponders, you are carrying excessive inventory.

We highly recommend that you simply request that new transponders be shipped to you as needed, rather than trying to maintain a sizeable inventory. Standard shipping time for new transponders is two business days. If you are requesting more than ?? transponders, please allow additional time. If we are unable to process your entire order at once, we will contact you and give you the estimated date that you will receive your full shipment.

If you need help in implementing inventory controls, please contact the PrePass Billing department at 1-800-PrePass (1-800-773-7277) option 5.

Can I be charged for unassigned PrePass Plus transponders in my account inventory?

At this time, we do not charge for PrePass Plus fusion transponders that remain unassigned in your account for more than 30 days. Only transponders used solely for our PrePass weigh station bypassing service are subject to these fees.

Any lost, stolen, or damaged PrePass Plus transponders should be reported to our customer service center as soon as possible. You will be held responsible for all charges and fees accrued by these transponders until they are reported to PrePass.

I returned a working transponder, but was charged for it being damaged. When is a transponder considered damaged?

In addition to any obvious destruction of a transponder, a transponder may be considered damaged if any of the following apply:

  • The transponder and/or sticker has been written on or defaced in any way.
  • The transponder and/or sticker has been modified or tampered with.
  • The sticker has been removed, scratched out or replaced without prior written authorization from PrePass.

There is a $100 charge for each damaged transponder.