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We Guarantee Data Privacy

HELP Inc., a non-profit public/private partnership, developed the PrePass preclearance and electronic bypassing system as part of its core mission to improve highway safety and efficiency. So it goes without saying that only the safest drivers and fleets are allowed to participate in the program.

It has always been HELP’s policy to ensure that PrePass carriers are not subjected to a higher level of regulatory compliance screening than carriers who choose not to enroll or are not qualified for the program.

To accomplish this, the data we collect is what is needed to determine whether your safety record and credentials are compliant and qualify you for preclearance and bypassing. This is data that is gathered from nearly 90 different government sources, analyzed to ensure accuracy and updated frequently. This data also is used for site operations as well as state and site activity reports.  In other words, it’s the type of information that keeps the PrePass system working.  This data is kept on the HELP system for 90 days and then your carrier and vehicle data is purged from the system. This provides you ample time to ask about why your truck may have received a red light, address any issues with your transponders, question any charges on your account or research other questions you may have.

Here’s how it works: When you bypass, your carrier and vehicle information is temporarily displayed on the PrePass computer at the weigh station along with the red or green bypass indicator light. While date and time stamp information is not displayed on the screen, HELP does expect all PrePass–qualified carriers to observe all laws and regulations, including those governing driver hours of service.

Of course, there are some safety-related exceptions in which HELP releases data upon request from a law enforcement agency, largely when that data is directly related to:

  • A criminal investigation or emergency
  • An actual or impending situation that may cause injury, death or the destruction of property
  • Evidence of potential terrorism

HELP’s Data Committee, its Board of Directors and its legal advisors continually review data privacy laws and rulings to ensure that the actions and processes HELP employs in the management of PrePass protect an individual’s personal privacy while supporting critical public safety needs.

For more information call 1-800-PREPASS